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At A Touch of Caring Massage Therapy, LLC, you'll enjoy wonderfully therapeutic targeted or full-body massage sessions, available in as little as 15 minutes, up to 90 minutes. Provided by a CT licensed and Nationally Certified massage therapist, each session provides amazing recovery.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is a term used to describe massage therapy and to let clients know that a massage is not just a luxury - it also has many health benefits. A professional massage is therapeutic. Sometimes deeper work is needed, with more pressure, to break up adhesions or knots within the muscles.


A full body massage consists of work being done on the arms, legs, back, neck, face, hands and feet for 60 to 90 minutes. A 30-minute table massage is more specific, with focus on just one to two areas of the body.

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Therapeutic Massage Types Available Here

Our professional massage therapist will develop a specific massage technique and targeted session to thoroughly melt away even your most stubborn chronic pains - starting at just $15!

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Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage is a more gentle and relaxing massage. Long, gliding strokes are used to reduce tension in the muscles. During the massage, less pressure is used and working on the knots within the muscles is not the main focus. Instead, relaxation is the focus and clients have been even known to nod off or fall asleep during these sessions.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is a more intensive massage, concentrating on the deeper levels of muscles and tissue. The strokes are slower, and friction is applied to the muscles to help with the reduction of chronic pain. It also works with fascia, which is the connective tissue that covers the muscles and organs. Deep tissue massage helps to reduce muscle tension, knots, or adhesions.

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is a massage that uses heated, smooth stones for a deeper, more relaxing massage. The stones are placed on the body to help reduce tension, stress, and pain. Long, gliding strokes are used when placing the stones on the back, the legs, the glutes, the abdomen, the arms, the neck, and the face. Oil is used during the massage to help glide the stones to their proper placement.

Chair Massage

A chair massage is a therapy that can be done almost anywhere. It is a great way to introduce clients to massage. It is done in a special chair that is adjusted to the comfort of the client. The client is fully clothed and the massage is usually done on the back, the neck, the shoulders, the arms, and the scalp.


The sessions are usually 15 to 30 minutes long. Sometimes, it is called an on-site massage because it can be done in the workplace or at different functions or sites, including home parties, health fairs, family gatherings, schools, holidays, or staff appreciation days and athletic events!

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy works with the whole body to help with the body's natural healing process. It is a gentle touch therapy that helps to remove restrictions in the craniosacral system, which contains the membranes, the cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds and protects the brain, and the spinal cord.


The client remains clothed for the session and usually lies on the table face-up, while the therapist works to release the restrictions within the craniosacral system.